Sheet Rubber

Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS)

Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) is marketed based on visual assessment of quality. Grading of RSS is done based on the grade descriptions and specifications defined in the ‘The Green Book” of International Rubber Quality and Packing Conferences as RSS 1X, RSS1, RSS2, RSS3, RSS4, and RSS5.Over 70% of the production of natural rubber is processed as Ribbed Smoked Sheet. RSS of superior quality are processed from fresh field latex, adopting modern processing methods. After grading, the sheets are packed in 50 kg bales, with the grades marked on the bales.

GradeTechnical SpecificationAreas of Consumption
RSS 1XDry, clean, strong, sound and evenly smoked. Free from moulds, blemishes, specks, rust, blisters, sand , etc.Aero Tyres
RSS1Dry, clean, strong, sound and evenly smoked. Free from moulds, blemishes, specks, rust, blisters, sand, etc. Slight specks might be seenTubes
RSS2Dry, clean, strong, sound and evenly smoked. Free from moulds, blemishes, specks, rust, blisters, sand , etc.Extruded Hoses, Quality Footwear Items, Tyres, Tubes, Tread Carcasses
RSS3Dry, strong and free of blemishes, blisters, sand, dirty packing, etcTyre and ADV Tyres, Extruded Hoses, Footwear
RSS4Dry, firm and free of blemishes, blisters, sand, etc. to the extent shown in samplesTyre and ADV Tyres, Extruded Hoses, Footwear
RSS5Dry, firm and free of blemishes to the extent shown in samplesHand made Hoses,Re treading Materials

Block Rubber

Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR)

ISNR is processed natural rubber in block forms, adopting cost-effective and modern processing methods as per the technical parameters laid down by the International Standards Organization (ISO). In india, block rubber is marketed with ISI specification, IS 4588 and therefore termed as ‘Indian Standard Natural Rubber’ (ISNR). It is a state-of the- art marketable form of natural rubber, produced from latex and field coagulum. Since it is marketed in compact polythene wrapped bales, the contamination of rubber on storage, holding and transportation are successfully prevented. ISNR is marketed in six well defined ISI marked grades with uniformity and consistency in quality, to meet the requirements of global consumer. The standard sizes and compact packing enables mechanized handling and containerization, thereby making the transportation trouble free and economical…

GradeTechnical SpecificationAreas of Consumption
ISNR 3CVProduced from good quality field latex and is viscosity stabilized at a narrow rangeHigh quality products with superior dynamic properties. Tyres, Injection Bottle Caps, Adhesives.
ISNR 3LProduced from good quality field latexTransparent Products, Injection Bottle Caps, Syringe Heads. Large Industrial Rollers. Aero Tyros, Hot Water Bottles, Adhesive Solutions, Sports Footwear, Tennis Balls
ISNR 5Produced from field latex or high quality field coagulumMoulded and Extruded products like Auto components, Engine Mountings, Bridge Bearings, Rubber Linings, Conveyor Belts, Tubes, Engine Mountings, Tank Linking, Brake Seals, Hoses
ISNR 10Produced from high quality field coagulumCushion Gum Stocks, Joint Rings by Injection Molding, Raincoat Proofing, Micro Cellular Sheets for Upholstery and Packing, Conveyer Belts, Footwear, Tyre Tread Materials
ISNR 20Tailor made grade of rubber, produced from quality field coagulumAll types of Automotive Tyres and Re treading Material, Bicycle Tyres, Raincoat Proofing, Micro Cellular Sheets for Upholstery and Packing, Conveyor Belts, Footwear, Mats
ISNR 50Made from quality field coagulumHand Made Hose, Footwear, Cycle Tyres, Mats


Centrifuged Latex (Cenex)

Field latex is a white or slightly yellowish opaque liquid with a specific gravity, which varies between 0.974 and 0.986. It is a weak lyophilic colloidal system of spherical or pear shaped rubber globules suspended in an acquiesces serum. Field latex is centrifuged to manufacture latex concentrated of 60% rubber content. Centrifuged latex is commercially available in two different varieties, one with high ammonia (above 0.60%) and the other with Low Ammonia (less than 0.30%). It also contains secondary preservatives like TMTD (0.0125%) and zinc oxide (0.0125%). Grading, packing, and making of centrifuged latex are as per specifications prescribed in IS 5430.

GradeAreas of Consumption
High Ammonia (HA)Foam products, Dipped Goods, Adhesives, Elastic Thread, House hold Industrial Gloves, Balloons, Rubber Bands and Finger Caps
Low Ammonia (LATZ)Preferred for All Applications where De-ammoniation is necessary for product manufacturing
Single and Double Centrifuged latex.High technology dipped products such as Condom, Examination Gloves, Surgical, Gloves, Catheters, etc.