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Who We Are

The Thomson Group of companies with its head office in Kanjirapally, Kottayam have been producers of natural rubber based products for the last 25 years. The group’s major activity, Thomson Rubbers (India) Pvt. Ltd, is a leading producer of centrifuged latex, becoming over the years one of the largest exporters of all grades of natural rubber from India

    Our Mission

Environmentally –friendly companies

We are fully conversant with the need for environmental sustainability and comply with all the rules and regulations relating to these matters. Participating in local society, promoting awareness in the need for proper drainage and clean sanitary conditions.

             Our Vision

     Credibility & Integrity

We will provide the best possible service to our customers by setting the highest standards for our products and people .We believe that mutually beneficial relationships will lead to long term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

No Ammonia 60% Latex


Free from Zinc Oxide and TMTD

Higher Chemical Stability than HA latex

Can be stored up to 12 months

No pungent smell of Ammonia and any other chemicals

De ammonization process not required

User friendly and environmentally friendly

Can be marketed in conventional containers


Free from Nitrosatables and heavy metals

No foul smell of ammonia in the factory premises and manufacturing sites

Excellent raw material for thin film products like gloves, condoms, balloons etc..

Ideal for the colored products like balloons, gloves, bands, to get brighter color

For transparent, less yellowish products like condom get clearer & better transparency

Excellent transparency and color retention

For the unpigmented products, less yellowish color

Successfully used for all manufacturing process