About Thomson Rubbers

The Thomson Group of companies with its head office in Kanjirapally, Kottayam have been producers of natural rubber based products for the last 25 years. The group’s major activity, Thomson Rubbers (India) Pvt. Ltd, is a leading producer of centrifuged latex, becoming over the years one of the largest exporters of all grades of natural rubber from India.

Gulf Incon Dubai UAE is another Company within the Thomson Group active in industrial hydraulic and safety systems with a turnover approaching 10 million USD.

Thomson Plantations (India) Pvt. Ltd also within the Thomson Group farms 700 acres of rubber plantation located in Coorg district of Karnataka engaged in the production of raw rubber for our factory.

For the continuance of our rubber activities, the Thomson Group maintains representative offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey and The United Arab Emirates.

The Group is controlled and operated by members of the Thomas family based in Kanjirapally having run the business since it’s inception 25 years ago. The Chief Executive Officer and Mg. Director of The Group is Mr. M.T Thomas who met The President of India in 2005 when The Company received a National Award for Significant Achievement in the Small Scale Sector, open to business achievers throughout India and awarded by the Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India.

Thomson Group can be contacted on +91 04828 201380,201381, 201382, Fax 04828-201383 and by e-mail at bobby.thomas@thomsonrubbers.com . You can also visit us on www.thomsonrubbers.com / www.gulfinconme.com.

The Thomson Group has continuously expanded it’s operations to support the growth of the domestic and international rubber market.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of local and international markets and their activities (supplies). Through specific analysis of strategic options, we continue to grow specializing in Indian, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Indonesian rubber products, gaining advantages from the economies of scale, enabling us to pass these advantages on to our customers, suppliers and our own people through our value – added activities.

We continually seek ways to build a successful business by investing in both our people and our core competencies. Our current export markets are Asia, Europe, Africa , South America and Iran.

We procure Natural Rubber for export and import from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.